Uplift: Transforming Capacity for Effective Transition Management

Managing transitions can be a daunting task, especially when they involve multiple stakeholders with different perspectives, assumptions, and ambitions. To address this challenge, we have developed a program called “Uplift” that aims to build the capacity of transition managers and stakeholders.

The Uplift program is designed to lift transition literacy, foster shared understanding of challenges, and create a community of practice to make things happen. We do not tell people how to do their job; instead, we establish an emerging future and work with participants to think about how this will shape their future role, team, unit, and department.

At the heart of the Uplift program is an outcomes-driven approach that emphasises the ‘doing’ part of learning. By putting into practice the knowledge of the future and forming coalitions to begin shaping policy to align with that future, participants gain a better understanding of how to influence transitions.

The program is based on global leading practices in Transition Management and provides participants with tools to realise tangible program change. By completing the program, participants emerge with a better understanding of how to influence transitions, knowledge of global leading practice, and the tools necessary to make real-world change. Participant organisations are given the opportunity to:

  • Explore promising transition pathways and agendas for accelerating change;
  • Address disruption and challenges to ensure greater cohesion and cooperation;
  • Become ‘learning entities’ where discovery, reflection and experimentation drive new thinking and practices;
  • Build better relationships between stakeholders and nurture new coalitions; and,
  • Identify strategic investment, innovation, and phase-out options.

The Uplift program provides a unique opportunity for individuals and organisations to build the capacity needed to manage complex transitions effectively. By focusing on outcomes and providing practical tools for action, the program equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a meaningful impact.

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